Dragon Ball: Super Saiyan 4 Kefla Comes to Life in New Fan Art

Super Saiyan 4 has made a big return following its premiere in the defunct universe of Dragon Ball [...]

Super Saiyan 4 has made a big return following its premiere in the defunct universe of Dragon Ball GT in the spinoff series known as Super Dragon Ball Heroes, with Goku and Vegeta from another dimension exhibiting the power of the transformation that was linked to the past of the Saiyan race. With Dragon Ball Super introducing a number of new Saiyans to the lore created by Akira Toriyama, Caulifla and Kale were able to fuse into the powerful warrior known as Kefla during the Tournament of Power Arc, with one fan imagining what this fused being would look like with Super Saiyan 4.

Since the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc, Dragon Ball Super has mostly steered clear of the other alternate universes that Goku and his friends fought for the amusement of the being above them all in the childlike Xeno, with the Moro and Granolah Arcs focusing on in-universe threats emerging. Fans are nevertheless crossing their fingers that Universe Six's Kale and Caulifla will one day return, especially considering they were both aiming to hit new heights of power following their battle against Son Goku and their subsequent elimination from the Tournament of Power at his hands.

Twitter Artist Smartimus Prime shared this impeccable take on what the fused being known as Kefla would look like if she were to expand the power of both Kale and Caulifla and access the transformation of Super Saiyan 4, which has been given a new twist in the spin-off Heroes series via Limit Breaker:

There currently aren't any plans for Super Saiyan 4 to emerge in canon within Dragon Ball Super's anime or manga, but that isn't stopping the main series from introducing some interesting new transformations all the same. Vegeta recently released the power of Ultra Ego, a transformation that he learned while training with the God of Destruction, that gives the Saiyan Prince a far more terrifying appearance. Though it doesn't seem as if this new power will net Vegeta a victory against Granolah, it seems that the Saiyans have a long way to go when it comes to extending their power.

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