Dragon Ball Fan Brings Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta to Life

Dragon Ball has been around for a long time, and one of its most iconic forms has been brought to [...]

Dragon Ball has been around for a long time, and one of its most iconic forms has been brought to life by a determined fan. For those who've kept up with the show's lore, you will know the end of Dragon Ball GT welcomed tons of fan-made continuations with none being as popular as Dragon Ball AF. The cult series went on to introduce forms like Super Saiyan 5... and that is the power boost which has been brought to life .

Over on Reedit, the user more-thanordinary went the distance to recreate Super Saiyan 5 in real life. The fan appears to have gotten their hands on a Goku figure and completely overhauled it into one showcasing Gogeta all powered up. And thanks to netizens, the creator of Dragon Ball AF has been able to peep this impressive figure.

From top to bottom, Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta is chaotic in the best way. The form brings back the long hair which Goku unlocked with Super Saiyan 3, but it is dyed stark white with golden tips. Gogeta's irises are still blue, and the fusion is rocking his usual outfit which an altered color scheme. The biggest change you will notice aside from the hair is Gogeta's body as the fusion retained the ape torso which Super Saiyan 4 brought to the table in Dragon Ball GT.

My take on Super Saiyin 5 Gogeta from Dragonball AF from r/dbz

Over on Reddit, fans were quick to share their praise of the figure while giving in to some fun nostalgia. Super Saiyan 5 was one of the earliest Dragon Ball fakes which so many fell for. Lots of fans believed Super Saiyan 5 was real after Dragon Ball AF readers spun out convincing artwork of the form, and it turns out some of them are holding out for Super Saiyan 5 even today. So who knows? Maybe Akira Toriyama will consider the power boost once he gets Ultra Instinct all figured out.

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