Dragon Ball Explains Why Super Saiyan God Trunks Was Created

Dragon Ball has come up with all sorts of forms since its release. Super Saiyan was the first to rise to fame, but Son Goku unlocked plenty of other transformations which is party went on to obtain. However, it has taken quite some time for Super Saiyan God to get some love, but Dragon Ball changed that when Trunks tapped into the form. Now, fans have learned why the hero learned the power-up, and it isn't what many hoped.

Recently, Dragon Ball Heroes celebrated its ninth anniversary, and it was there fans got an update on the series. Thee non-canon title has give its fighters all sorts of boosts, so it was a treat when Xeno Trunks got to go Super Saiyan God recently. But it turns out the fighter unlocked the form when the team's first plan was scrapped.

According to fan-translator Cipher_db, Trunks was meant to get a different power boost.

"The original plan for Trunks: Xeno's super form was to go with Super Saiyan 4," the translator revealed.

It turns out the idea was scrapped after some conflicting ideas rose about the boost. The team could not decide what colors should be used for Super Saiyan 4 Trunks, but the scheme for Super Saiyan God is quite clear.

Dragon Ball Heroes Super Saiyan God Trunks
(Photo: Bandai)

Dragon Ball fans have already seen how the character looks in the godly form, and Trunks pulls it off well. His bright red hair is a bit hard to swallow at first, but it becomes less jarring as time goes on. Now, fans are wondering if any other fighters will go Super Saiyan God before long, and they're hoping Gohan will be the one to bring it back. If anyone were to tap back into Super Saiyan 4, fans would


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