Dragon Ball Super Reveals Moro's New Plans for Earth

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc is currently in a strange phase as Planet Eater Moro's even stranger abilities have changed how Goku, Vegeta, and Earth's other fighters usually approach their fights. It's made them think much differently than before, and now Goku and Vegeta are currently undergoing intense training in order to try out some new tactics that might not even work. This means that Moro himself has had free reign to do pretty much whatever he wants as he continues to devour planets across the universe...and now he's set his sights on Earth.

After his scouts ran into some trouble against Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin on Earth, Moro decided to head to Earth in order to devour. But he's in no rush as he's planning to wait for two months in order for Goku and Vegeta to arrive so he can eat everything all in one delicious gulp.

Chapter 54 sees Moro learn how there are strongest beings on Earth than initially expected, and Saganbo asks Moro why he just won't eat Planet Earth before Goku and Vegeta can pose a threat. He decides to wait until Goku and Vegeta complete their training, and will provide him with more energy to eat when he finally does. So he's in no rush. This is especially true for how much Earth has advanced.

Finding out that Earth had fighters stronger than his henchman, Moro is surprised given that he knew the planet ten million years ago when it was still mostly primates. This evolution combined with the promise that Goku and Vegeta will soon be stronger than when he first fought them is too good to pass up for the confident villain.


Moro has a confident position given that he's beaten Goku and Vegeta a number of times, and has had a bunch of successes already under his belt. It's no wonder he's fine with taking his time as he's just eating the universe, so he might as well have a little fun with it. He's got no reason to worry as no fighter has challenged him to any kind of worrisome extent, so let's hope that changes.

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