Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Star Teases the Film's Secret Character

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is on the cusp of its release, and as you can imagine, fans are getting hyped for it. After all, the movie has teased fans for over a year now, and its focus on Gohan has prompted all sorts of fan theories. Those rumors have only grown in recent weeks, and now, a new film promo has fans convinced their theories are on the right track.

After all, it sounds like there is a character in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that we've not seen yet. Mamoru Miyano, the actor behind Gamma 2, teased the mysterious character in a recent interview. So if you want to be the judge, you can find the actor's comment for yourself below.

As you can see, fans were quick to translate Miyano's words, and it was there the actor riled up netizens. The interview asks which characters in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero caught his eye, and Miyano said he cannot talk about the character just yet.

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"Well, story-wise, there's that one at the very end...but I can't talk about that at all," the actor shared. And of course, fans are now doubling down on their theories after hearing this. Netizens have not been subtle with their thoughts about the film, and many believe the Red Ribbon Army's return will also signal a comeback for Cell.

After all, the android was directly connected to the army thanks to Dr. Gero. Dragon Ball Super confirmed some of Cell's genetic material resides on earth thanks to some surviving Cell Jr. fighters. The movie's trailers even feature some sort of chamber that resembles Cell's housing pod from Dragon Ball Z, so you can see why Miyano has fans freaking out right now. And once Dragon Ball drops its new movie in Japan in June, netizens will learn if their theory was spot-on all along...!

What do you make of Miyano's comment here? Do you believe Dragon Ball Super is holding out with its characters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.