The Creator of Dragon Ball Super Confirms Who The Strongest Hero Is

Gohan has long been a wildly powerful character in the history of Dragon Ball, with the son of Goku being the first to discover the transformation known as Super Saiyan 2, destroying the nefarious Cell, and becoming a valuable protector of the Earth in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. With the next movie set to see both Gohan and Piccolo in the driver's seats, creator Akira Toriyama has confirmed that he believes that the father of Pan is the current strongest member of the Z-Fighters.    

The Official Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Twitter Account shared a new interview with Akira Toriyama, revealing that the creator of some of the biggest anime characters around considers Goku's son to be the strongest hero amongst the Z-Fighters, even though he doesn't have God Ki at his disposal:

"Gohan is actually stronger than anyone...or so it's said, but lately he hasn't really gotten a chance to shine. In order to motivate Gohan, it takes his revered teacher Piccolo rather than his father Goku. I figured I'd try giving birth to a new superhero by putting these two in the spotlight through their intense battles with the Gamma androids."

Gohan has had a wild ride over the course of Dragon Ball Super, first starting as a fighter who could barely maintain a Super Saiyan transformation but training his way back in a relatively short amount of time to reclaim his "Ultimate" transformation which he discovered during the Majin Buu Arc of Dragon Ball Z. During the Tournament of Power, Gohan was one of the strongest representatives of Universe 7, and played a major role in the Moro Arc as well, creating new team-up attacks with Piccolo.

The trailers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero have shown fans that Gohan now relies on both his Super Saiyan transformations as well as his Ultimate Form, with Piccolo seemingly unleashing his potential as well with a new transformation that causes the Namekian's skin to change color as well as removing the lines from the Z-Fighter's arms. While the new form has been described as unleashing Piccolo's "potential", there are still plenty of questions surrounding this transformation.

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Via Dragon Ball Twitter