Dragon Ball Super Showcases Ultra Ego Vegeta's Official Colors

Dragon Ball Super has showcased more of Vegeta's official Ultra Ego colors in action with the latest manga release! One of the more intriguing elements of the Granolah the Survivor arc was seeing more of how Goku and Vegeta's different training paths continued to diverge. Fans saw how Vegeta decided to search for strength in his own ways and led to not only picking up Spirit Control techniques on Yardrat but learning to harness the power of Hakai under Beerus. This resulted in a brand new form for Vegeta completely unique to himself, and thus fans saw it in action against Granolah.

Dragon Ball fans had been wondering what this new form would look like in full color, and after officially revealing Ultra Ego's color scheme late last year the series has revealed a much better look at what this new form looks like in action thanks to the full color manga release now hitting shelves in Japan. Much like releases of the series' past, these color pages of the manga showcase a much better feeling for how the battle between Ultra Ego Vegeta and Granolah would play out in a potential full anime adaptation of it someday. Check it out below as spotted by @DbsHype on Twitter: 

Just as fans had first suspected, Ultra Ego is a sort of "violet" kind of transformation for Vegeta. But taking on a more pink hue to reflect the energy given off by Hakai, it's certainly a much more dynamic transformation for the Saiyan than initially seemed at first. It makes details such as his lack of eyebrows stand out all the more, and further makes him look like a God of Destruction in training. Given how much Vegeta still needs to practice with this form, it's highly likely we'll be seeing it in action again soon enough. 

The Granolah the Survivor arc is scheduled to end this year, and the next arc for the manga is scheduled to begin before the end of the year as well so it's highly likely we'll be seeing Vegeta at his peak strength again soon enough. It's still too early to tell what kind of threat could be coming after the Heeters, but with both Goku and Vegeta reaching these godly new levels it's certainly an exciting prospect for the future. 


What do you think? How do you like Vegeta's official Ultra Ego colors? Are you hoping to see this form in the anime someday? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!