Dragon Ball Editor Reveals Akira Toriyama Started Writing New Movie Much Earlier Than Expected

It's been around three years since Dragon Ball fans were introduced to the new take on the [...]

It's been around three years since Dragon Ball fans were introduced to the new take on the Legedary Super Saiyan Broly via the latest movie in the Dragon Ball Super series, but in a new panel for this year's Comic-Con, fans of the Shonen franchise got the opportunity to learn more about the next feature-length film in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. During the panel which saw the executive producers of the series and the voice of Goku herself, Masako Nozawa, appearing to talk about the new movie, it was revealed when Akira Toriyama began writing the upcoming movie.

The producers for the series, Akio Iyoku and Norihiro Hayashida, weren't shy about giving a number of details for the upcoming film, revealing that Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise, had begun writing the story while Dragon Ball Super: Broly was still in the works:

"Creating a story is the most important part of making a movie. He was already starting to write the script while on the set of the previous one," the executive producer explained, "What happened was once he finished the script for "Broly" and we started production on it, I said "Shall we continue to the next movie?" and we just went for it,"

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The producer, Akio Iyoku, also explained that they had been using the past years to make sure that the script for Super Hero was at its best:

"We fine-tuned the script a couple of times along with other minor details, but I think Toriyama-sensei himself would say this is the best movie yet,"

The upcoming movie that is slated to arrive at an unspecified time next year will focus on a number of characters that didn't play a role during the last movie which introduced the Legendary Super Saiyan to the world of the Z Fighters in canon, with the likes of Krillin and Pan playing a significant role. Though most of the details about the story are still shrouded in mystery, Toriyama believing that this is the best Dragon Ball movie to date certainly turned a few heads in the Shonen community.

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