Dragon Ball Super Teases Vegeta's All-New Attack Technique

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 55 continues the build up to the climatic battle between Earth and [...]

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 55 continues the build up to the climatic battle between Earth and evil intergalactic sorcerer Moro, which is easily the most challenging fight Goku and Vegeta have had to face. Planet-Eater Moro's magic allows him to absorb the lifeforces of living beings and planets - including the Super Saiyan energies that allow Goku and Vegeta to make their impressive transformations. With traditional Super Saiyan forms off the table, Goku and Vegeta have each sought out their own forms of new power-up. Vegeta has gone to the planet Yardrat to train, and gained significant power as a result. However, he needs more than power to stop Moro.

Yardrat has already shown that it possesses many strange techniques beyond Goku's Instant Transmission. In Dragon Ball Super chapter 55, we get a major tease of the new technique Vegeta will bring home to defend Earth against Moro!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55 SPOILERS Follow!

A large portion of Dragon Ball Super chapter 55 follows Vegeta on Yardrat, as his training in "Spirit Control" has shown some impressive results. Vegeta barely gets to delve into how much stronger he's gotten, before Yardrat comes under attack by Moro's forces. Vegeta heads out to meet one of Moro's gang members (Yuzun) in combat; during that altercation, Vegeta lets off what he thinks is a simple energy blast - and ends up wiping out an entire landscape.

When the fight is over, Vegeta and the Yardratians learn that Earth is Moro's next target. Vegeta realizes the time for his training has run out, and begs Yardratian elder Pybara to teach him at least one special Yardratian technique that will allow him to defeat Moro - something better than just Instant Transmission. Pybara ignores Vegeta's aggressive nature, agreeing that "There's no point at all if he won't make it in time."

Dragon Ball Super Manga 55 Vegeta New Yardrat Powers Technique
(Photo: Viz Media)

So far, teleportation, size-changing, and making shadow copies are all within the scope of Yardratian ability - what do you think Pybara will teach Vegeta?

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