Dragon Ball Super Gives Ultra Ego Vegeta a Wild Nickname

Dragon Ball Super has plenty of wheels spinning right now, and the manga's latest update has only added to the plate. If you did not know, the manga pushed forward this month with Granolah's arc, and the hunter is hurting all thanks to Gas. The villain has powered up in a big way, and Goku thinks his rival can take care of Gas. Now, the big question is whether Vegeta will help now that Goku has given Ultra Ego a... strange new name.

The pet name went public this mount all thanks to chapter 78. It was there Dragon Ball Super introduced Gas' new power courtesy of the dragon balls. Gas is stronger than ever, and he has enough power to put our Saiyan heroes on edge. Goku and Vegeta will need Granolah to defeat their foes, and the former wants Ultra Ego to seal their victory.

Well, that is if Goku can remember the real name of Vegeta's form. The Saiyan is now calling the power Freaky-Face Mode, and the innocuous jab is pretty on point for Goku.

The Saiyan tells Vegeta he will need to use "Freaky-Face Mode again [to] beat Gas" before flying off to hold the foe off. This leaves Vegeta on his own to process the pet name. Of course, the slight has Vegeta on edge, but it does not stop him from completing his new mission. By the chapter's end, Vegeta helps Granolah to his feet with the help of a Senzu Bean.

Years ago, Vegeta wanted the same revenge Granolah seeks, but our Saiyan did not get it against Frieza way back when. The fight went to Goku, leaving Vegeta upset since the Saiyan genocide remained unresolved for him. Now, Granolah feels the same way about his race because of the Heeters, and Vegeta wants the sniper to get the revenge he never reached. The question is whether our bounty hunter has the strength to do so, but thanks to some unlikely allies, Granolah may get the sweet justice he craves. 

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