Dragon Ball Super Honors Vegeta with Prodigy Status

One of Vegeta's central journeys in the Dragon Ball franchise is how he's learned that someone [...]

One of Vegeta's central journeys in the Dragon Ball franchise is how he's learned that someone can't be born a prodigy, and the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super has brought this full circle by honoring him with a new kind of prodigy status. Vegeta first broke into the series decrying how Goku was literally worth less than he was because he wasn't an "elite" Saiyan, and he's shed off this belief over the years. Now working hard on Yardrat, Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super's manga has awarded this hard work by labeling him "prodigy" of hard work.

Knowing that Planet Eater Moro was being occupied by Goku on Planet Earth, Vegeta decided to stay behind on Yardrat and learn one final technique. After a quick mastery of this yet unseen move, Vegeta surprises Elder Pybara and the others on Yardrat by quickly learning and being able to use Instant Transmission.

The others say that Vegeta must be some sort of prodigy for learning these techniques so quickly, but Pybara thinks it's something else. He notes that this was all born of hard work, and that's the natural progression of Vegeta's journey through the series as a whole. His big chip against Goku in their initial meeting was how Goku seemed to take down someone with a supposedly higher echelon bloodline, and he's learned the proper value of training.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Prodigy Status Manga
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His breaking off to Yardrat is the culmination of all of this, and definitely has led to a more confident Vegeta than ever before. Fans have believed that the series may finally be letting Vegeta have a definitive win of his own against a main series villain at last, and that's certainly the pattern being laid out with the latest chapter of the series.

As doubt begins to form around Goku's chances of winning, seeing Vegeta quickly grasp the Instant Transmission seemingly faster than Goku did (and being deemed a prodigy for doing so) is certainly going to put a wind in many of those sails. Will Vegeta keep trending upwards this arc?

What do you think after seeing Vegeta being called a prodigy? How far has he come as a character over the course of the entire franchise? Is the series really getting ready to give Vegeta a big win here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!