Dragon Ball Super Teases Goku's Real Feelings Towards Vegeta's Ultra Ego

Dragon Ball Super is teasing Goku's real feelings toward Vegeta's new Ultra Ego form with the newest chapter of the manga! The Granolah the Survivor arc has reached its next phase of battle as Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah are readying themselves to take on the next major threat with the newest chapter but the battles we have seen thus far have been quite eye-opening. This was especially true when Vegeta took on Granolah and revealed that he had been hiding a new form that he has crafted all on his own, Ultra Ego. 

While Vegeta's Ultra Ego form was unfortunately proven not to be enough to take on Granolah, the newest chapter revealed that Goku has far more trust in it than one might have expected at first. Goku had seen Vegeta's Ultra Ego form in action in his fight against Granolah, and the newest chapter teases that Goku has much more faith in it than fans might have believed as he was willing to let Vegeta heal himself and potentially take the win against their next major opponent in the newest chapter.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 78 of the manga sees Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah scrambling as their fight is over and soon they realize that the Heeters are making their move. Successfully making their wish to make Gas the new strongest being in the universe, the three fighters quickly hatch up a plan to take on the powerful new opponent. Remember that there's still a Senzu Bean in Vegeta's armor, Goku takes it on himself to distract the Heeters for the moment while Vegeta goes and recovers himself. Goku is happy to do so as he thinks it's fair, but the biggest tease is what Goku says next. 

Vegeta's worried about the fight to come, but Goku then says that Vegeta can transform into his new mode and defeat Gas. This teases that Goku not only has enough faith in Vegeta that he would be the one to defeat the new strongerst in the universe, but that the Ultra Ego form would be able to close the gap as well. There has yet to be enough time between the two for them to break down how they feel about this new form of Vegeta's, but this is a small insight that Goku indeed respects it. 

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