Dragon Ball Super: Explaining the Translation of Vegeta's Ultra Ego Form

Dragon Ball Super has put forward a new chapter this month, and it is all about Vegeta. The [...]

Dragon Ball Super has put forward a new chapter this month, and it is all about Vegeta. The fighter finds himself pitted against Granolah but with new power at hand. Of course, this means fans came into the chapter with questions about Vegeta's form, and it seems the translation behind its name is worth looking over.

For those confused by the ordeal, Dragon Ball Super did release a new chapter this week, and it shows off Vegeta's power. The Saiyan is seen fighting wholeheartedly against Granolah despite any damage he's taking. This is the power of Ultra Ego according to Vegeta, and the name is meant to mirror Goku's latest form.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Vegeta
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Over on Twitter, fandom translator Herms98 broke the whole thing down for fans. It turns out the English name for Vegeta's form was decided upon as a way to mirror Goku's Ultra Instinct. But much like the other's form, Ultra Ego is not a direct translation.

"So yeah, looks like the official English name for Vegeta's 我儘の極意/Waga-mama no Goku'i is "Ultra Ego", translating 我儘/waga-mama as "ego" and adding "ultra" to match up with Ultra Instinct. Like UI, it's a loose adaptation of the Japanese name," Herms98 writes.

According to translators, the Japanese for Vegeta's new form is very similar to that used for Goku's Ultra Instinct. "Back to Ultra Ego: where does the "ultra" in UI and UE come from? If it's not just added to sound cool, it might (at a stretch) come from the 極/goku in 極意/goku'i, which on its own means "extreme" (while 極意/goku'i as a whole means the secret of the mastery of an art or technique)," Herms98 continues.

"Plucking 極/goku out and translating it as "ultra" would be playing pretty fast and loose with the translation, but then Ultra Instinct is definitely not meant as a literal translation of 身勝手の極意/Migatte no Goku'i anyway, so I don't think it can be ruled out," the post finishes. "Again, "Ultra Instinct" is such a loose adaptation of 身勝手の極意/Migatte no Goku'i that adapting 我儘の極意/Waga-Mama no Goku'i in the same fashion isn't straightforward."

Clearly, creative liberties were taken with the translation, but it works to mirror Vegeta and Goku as always. After all, the Saiyans have always been mirror opposites, so yin for Goku is yang for Vegeta. Like two sides of the same coin, this themed naming works even if it is not the most accurate. So if another Dragon Ball Super form gets announced, you can bet it will follow this pattern.

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