This ‘Dragon Ball’ Animation Puts Ultra Instinct Vegeta Into Action

Ultra Instinct is the latest form to weigh on the minds of Dragon Ball fans, and Vegeta stans are [...]

Ultra Instinct is the latest form to weigh on the minds of Dragon Ball fans, and Vegeta stans are desperate for the Saiyan to try the form out. So far, the hero has had no luck with the power-up, but one Youtuber thinks he knows how Vegeta may look if he goes Ultra Instinct.

Over on Twitter, Mastar Media shared a short fan-animation it did of Vegeta using Ultra Instinct. The clip, which can be seen below, shows the Saiyan with glowing silver eyes and a rather different energy aura.

"My take on Ultra Instinct Vegeta, attack mode! You may be getting an animation soon. We'll see," the artist wrote.

As you can see, the Ultra Instinct animation is different from the one fans have seen Goku use. The energy aura surrounding Vegeta is a pinkish-red one that crackles with electricity. Vegeta looks plenty smug to be as he stares straight ahead, and fans are sure Toppo would break into a cold sweat if he caught the look.

If you are wondering why Vegeta's form looks different from the one Dragon Ball Super has shown, then you can blame one fan-theory. Fans are convinced that Vegeta will tap into Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power, but the hero will not use the same power Goku has. During a recent episode, Whis commented that Goku had only unlocked half of Ultra Instinct, and audiences believe Vegeta will learn how to use its other half.

The popular fan-theory suggests that Vegeta will be the fighter to unlock Ultra Instinct's offensive power. Goku is able to use the form's defensive form, but he has yet to master it. When the Saiyan fought Kefla using Ultra Instinct, Whis made sure to note Goku's attacks were weakened because he could not use them unconsciously. Vegeta's quick-to-blow temper may be the key to him using Ultra Instinct's attack mode, and this animation may just show fans what the fighter will look like if he does tap into that hidden potential.

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