Dragon Ball Super Reveals First Color Poster of Granola

Dragon Ball Super has released a new poster for its newest character: Granola. Even though fans [...]

Dragon Ball Super has released a new poster for its newest character: Granola. Even though fans aren't exactly loving the character's name, Granola did get a pretty exciting debut in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga. Chapter 67, "Happy Endings... And Then...", serves as the bridge between the end of the Moro Arc, and the start of Dragon Ball Super's new arc, "Granola the Survivor". It's not surprising, then, that it also served as the action-packed debut of the titular Granola, who is a space warrior/raider who seems intent on one mission: eliminating the threat of a new evil android army!

This full-color poster of Dragon Ball Super's Granola definitely gives off a much different vibe than the black-and-white manga. The coloring definitely makes the character like he gives off way more of a Steampunk vibe, rather than the sci-fi/western vibe that you arguably get in the manga. Either way, Granola is a curious new warrior to step into the Dragon Ball scene. He looks like he could arguably be revealed to be Saiyan (or something related); but one thing this colored poster does do, is shoot down any theory that Granola will be revealed to be yet another angel masquerading as a mortal.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga 67 SPOILERS Follow!

There would arguably be a new opening for an angel-in-training to take the place of Goku's recent Ultra Instinct mentor, Merus. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 makes the big reveal that Merus was spared from death by Grant Priest, by deciding to become fully mortal. However, as stated, Granola is definitely no angel.

In his manga debut, Granola storms a ship where an evil crime boss named Goichi's spaceship, where he takes on a squad of androids from the same line as Moro's lieutenant, Seven-Three. Granola's objective is to locate Seven-Three - but for what purpose, we still don't know. The easy assumption is that Granola wants to take Seven-Three out, as this chapter hints that Android "OG73-i" has copied some truly frightening array of power and abilities. Of course, Granola could have his own uses for that power or just a massive grudge to settle. The title "Granola The Survivor" leaves the door open for both possibilities.

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