Dragon Ball Super Reveals Why Moro Absorbs Energy

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has introduced fans to one of the trickiest [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has introduced fans to one of the trickiest villains in the Super series so far. Planet Eater Moro is a being that has lived for millions of years, and in the fights against Goku and Vegeta so far we have seen the villain playing around with the Saiyan duo as he continues to tease just how strong and more experienced he is than they are. This comes through especially in the latest chapter of the series that really gets to the heart of what motivates his destruction.

Chapter 59 of the series reveals why Moro eats planets and absorbs their energy in the first place, and while it seemed like he was doing so in order to make himself stronger and fuel his magic it turns out that he's really only doing it to eat. He despicably takes so much joy in the destruction his eating causes that his growing stronger and doing all of that killing is only seen as a side benefit of his eating.

When Moro was first introduced in his elderly form, it seemed like he was eating planets for the explicit purpose of making himself stronger. This was shifted when the Dragon Balls returned him to his prime, and it appears that his massacre across the universe was simply because he chose to do so. Goku uses Ultra Instinct Sign to get around Moro's ability, Moro explains that he just doesn't need to eat Goku's energy to win.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Energy Manga
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He mentions how he eats to only fill his stomach, and "Weakening [his] opponents and strengthening [himself] are only fortunate side effects -- not the primary goal." He then reveals that he's been even stronger than Goku and the others expected this entire time, and potentially could be even stronger than the Gods himself as a result of his overeating.

Because Moro doesn't need to steal energy to make himself stronger, he has covered one of his weakness. Goku will have to find another way to defeat Moro as a result, and might potentially need to rely on Vegeta this time around lest Moro destroy everything before Goku can figure out exactly why Moro does what he does. What else is Moro hiding?

What did you think of this reveal? Does this make Moro a more intriguing villain since he's basically just eating for fun? How can Goku and Vegeta close the gap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!