Dragon Ball Theme Park Reveals New Look at Landmarks, Attractions

Dragon Ball will open its first official theme park in Saudi Arabia.

Dragon Ball hardly needs an introduction. Whether you like anime or not, the franchise is one of the most notable to ever come from Japan. For decades, Son Goku has been an icon, and they are ready to take on a new challenge. This year, reports confirmed an official Dragon Ball theme park is in the works, and we have been given a special behind-the-scenes peek at the project thanks to Falcon's Creative Group.

The organization, as you can see here, is the brainchild bring the Dragon Ball Theme Park destined for Qiddiya City, Saudi Arabia. Falcon's Creative Group has put together a team in tandem with Toei Animation to create the a "marquee destination" for Qiddiya City that brings both work and play together.

In a new video posted by Falcon's Creative Group, fans are greeted by a number of executives like chief development officer David Schaefer. It is there the executive spoke about the full scope of creating a Dragon Ball theme park, and it all comes down to honoring IP.

"It will take more than just designing a theme park with IP involved. We really need to play this guardianship role to protect that vision and maintain the respect for the Dragon Ball IP throughout all of the design process," Schaefer shared.

Continuing, the video documents more details about the creative burden behind making a Dragon Ball theme Park. "There is a burden of responsibility that we take very seriously. The fanbase is incredibly passionate. This art is sacred to the people that love Dragon Ball," the team shares.

"We've been working with IPs for decades now, but [Dragon Ball] is one of the most profound and epic IPs, and so being able to be championing this IP into the realms of reality is very exciting for us."

At this point, Dragon Ball has yet to land an opening window for its theme park, but work is underway behind the scenes. If Qiddiya City holds up its promise, the area will become the go-to place for anime fans to experience Goku's world like never before. So if you don't have a passport handy, well – you will want to get that ordered ASAP.

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