Dragon Ball Reveals Turles' Devilish Saiyan Dream

Not much was known about the villain of the Dragon Ball Z movie, Tree of Might, but it seems that [...]

Not much was known about the villain of the Dragon Ball Z movie, Tree of Might, but it seems that we're diving further into the personality and motivations of Turles thanks to the latest arc of the Space-Time War, as a recent biography reveals just what Goku's doppelganger is after. With the latest episode featuring Vegeta attaining a new transformation as a result of his battle against both Turles and Cumber, it seems that Fuu's new universe is giving us the opportunity to explore not only long-lost villains but also the lineage of the Saiyans themselves.

Turles has long been seen gaining power by digesting fruit from the Tree of Might, but the latest episode of the spin-off series sees the Saiyan become the "Legendary Evil Saiyan" which taps into the evil background of the warrior race that was all but eradicated thanks to Freeza and his fear of the arrival of the Super Saiyan. While we still don't have an explanation as to why Turles looks exactly like Goku, he has been able to distinguish himself from the lead Z Fighter by performing terrible acts for his own selfish desires. Though Vegeta has seemingly surpassed Turles in overall power level thanks to the latest episode, we doubt we've seen the last of the "Evil Saiyan".

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared bios for both Turles and Cumber, with Super Dragon Ball Heroes revealing that Goku's double is attempting to become the "Saiyan King" of the new universe, dethroning Vegeta and bringing back the warrior race to their former glory:

Dragon Ball Heroes has plenty of Saiyans in the mix, both good and bad, but the Space-Time War Arc is promising that there are plenty of other characters that are set to make return appearances outside of the warrior race. With many fans anxiously awaiting the return of Cell, it's clear that the spin-off is looking to further dive into areas that the main series, Dragon Ball Super, might have otherwise never touched.

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