Dragon Ball Z Fan Revisits Old-School Videl in New Cosplay

It has been ages since fans first met Videl, but Dragon Ball lovers can never forget the first [...]

It has been ages since fans first met Videl, but Dragon Ball lovers can never forget the first time the heroine showed up. While Goku and Vegeta carried on with their own wives, it was Gohan who decided to make a match during the Majin Buu saga. Dragon Ball Z ended up introducing the aged-up fighter to Videl during the packed arc, and it is a good thing the show did. Gohan would not have a kid of his own if it were not for Videl, but fans do miss the girl's younger self. And thanks to one cosplayer, the Dragon Ball fandom has had its wish granted.

When Videl first met Gohan, she simply thought of him as her nerdy class mate, though as she watched him more and more, she became suspicious of just who he was. Discovering the super hero antics of the Great Saiyaman, Videl learned that Gohan was using his insane power level to battle crime in the city and donning the ridiculous costume to match his absolutely hilarious Sentai style aesthetic. With Videl training under Gohan, she learned how to use her own energy to fly and remained a strong warrior in her own right.

Instagram Cosplayer Yoselin shared this impressive cosplay that shows how Videl first looked when she was introduced during the final saga of Dragon Ball Z, with the daughter of Satan learning how to fly and access her energy with the tutelage of Gohan:

Videl currently is spending her time as a mother of her daughter with Gohan, Pan, in Dragon Ball Super and we would imagine that her fighting days are long behind her. However, in order to protect his family, Gohan begun training once again prior to the Tournament of Power and has once again unlocked his "Mystic" power up that was unlocked during the Buu Saga.

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