Dragon Ball Z Art Reimagines Future Gohan's Final Moments

Future Gohan's death during The History of Trunks is one of the most iconic moments of Dragon Ball Z's history, and some great new art has re-imagined those final moments in a heartbreaking new way. Although the Dragon Ball Z specials and films were largely existing outside of the main series canon, The History of Trunks was definitely a major fan favorite as it filled in many of the blanks of Future Trunks' apocalyptic world before he went back in time to save the Earth from the Androids. It was a huge deal for a number of reasons, but the biggest had to be Future Gohan's debut.

The special not only showed us the true terror of the Androids, but gave us a version of Gohan that was humanity's final savior. It was such a cool version of the character that fans of the franchise are still chasing that coolness to this day. It's why Dragon Ball Super's version of Gohan has disappointed so many fans since it has a huge what-if version of the character to live up to.

Future Gohan also went out like a hero in his final fight against the Androids, but what would it look like through his eyes? Artist @ruto830 (who you can find on Twitter here) imagined just that as Future Gohan's final moments depict a fearsome (and horrifyingly joyous) Android 17 and 18 stand over his bloody and beaten body. Check it out:

Future Gohan's death and Trunks' resulting Super Saiyan transformation ended up becoming one of the most memorable moments of the franchise ever. There was a time that these scenes in particular would show up in every Linkin Park AMV you could spot on YouTube. It turns out there are still new ways to make it just as heartbreaking as it was when this special first debuted years ago.

How did you feel when you first saw Future Gohan's death in The History of Trunks? Where does History of Trunks rank among all of the Dragon Ball Z specials and movies revealed thus far? What was the best scene in the special overall? If they could fight, who would win between Future Gohan and the current Gohan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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