Dragon Ball Z Fans Weigh In on Which Cell Form Is Scariest

Dragon Ball has pumped out plenty of villains over the year, but some stick out more than others. While the Red Ribbon Army is a clear favorite for some, there are countless fans rallying behind guys like Freeza. As for Cell, the baddie is a standout, but netizens have started a new debate about the him.

After all, the world needs to know which version of Cell is the most terrifying, and fans are sharing their thoughts on the topic.

As all things seem to, the new fandom debate picked up on Reddit. User TacoBell_Lord posted their opinion on Cell which broke down the reasons why Imperfect Cell is the villain's scariest form.

"As a kid, Imperfect Cell was terrifying, from his reveal to his voice, he was pure chills. All the clothes of his victims blowing in the wind turning cities into ghost towns...jeez dude legit horror. His fight with Piccolo was a bit chilling too because his abilities were unknown at the time," the fan shared.


Dragon Ball fans were quick to respond to the post, and they agreed Imperfect Cell is a villain which hasn't been matched since. While it may not be as powerful as Cell's perfect form, the first stage was rough in all the right ways. Dragon Ball presented Imperfect Cell as a horror monster which the Z-Fighters couldn't pin down. Taking away the fact Imperfect Cell essentially drank people, his masked visage and guttural growls were nightmare fuel enough. Sure, Perfect Cells might have been able to make Cell Jr., but even ComicBook.com's Tanner Dedmon admitted there's no out-creeping Imperfect Cell.

"Despite him not being at his strongest yet, Imperfect Cell is still the most terrifying version of the villain that we’ve seen," he said about the baddie. "With an insect-like appearance, he’s working towards his humanoid form while still looking different enough to be uncanny. The threat of being absorbed by his needle-like tail coupled with an air of instability before he’s satisfied with his power made this version of Cell far more imposing than others."

Clearly, fans love Imperfect Cell as much as they fear him, and Dragon Ball should better capitalize on the fact. After all, the franchise sells merchandise like few others, and a few Cell plushes would not go amiss.


So, which version of Cell do you find the most terrifying? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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