This Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Gives Goku a Fierce Genderbent Makeover

Dragon Ball Z stands as one of those shows that will never go away. The franchise reigns atop the anime industry even after all these years, and fans continue to find new ways to honor their favorite fighters. From Vegeta to Yamcha, there's something for everyone in the show, and that goes doubly from Monia Ashibi.

After all, it was Dragon Ball Z that inspired the cosplayer's gorgeous Goku look. Ashibi posted the gorgeous cosplay to social media the other day, and it was there fans got to see Son Goku's genderbent twin.

As you can see below, the cosplay is the perfect amount of extra. It sees Ashibi dressed in a form-fitting orange suit that appears to be made out of latex. With a blue top underneath, netizens can easily pick out Goku's color scheme here, but the cosplay only get better from there.

Not only does this genderbent Goku have a tie around their waist as usual, but the cosplayer nails Goku's pose. Both of her arms are pulled back to attack all while being crouched low to the ground. The mountainous backdrop only adds to the look, and oh yeah - the Dragon Ball Z cosplayer is doing all of this in some seriously impressive heels.

Yes, this fierce take on Goku sees his genderbent twin donning high-heeled boots. The suede number is a royal blue with stiletto heels. To add a bit of va-va-voom, the heeled boots go up to the cosplayer's thighs, and they seem to have mastered the footwear. After all, it isn't easy to crouch down in such shoes, but any fan of Goku would keep at it until they got the pose just right.


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