Dragon Ball Z Fan Customizes Motorbike in Honor of Goku

Dragon Ball's manga has been running for quite some time, originally landing in the 1980s by [...]

Dragon Ball's manga has been running for quite some time, originally landing in the 1980s by following the adventures of a young Goku attempting to assemble the Dragon Balls while showing off his martial arts techniques, and one fan has honored the Saiyan warrior by customizing their motorbike in the style of the student of the Turtle Hermit. Though Dragon Ball Super's anime is still on hiatus following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc, fans can read the continuing adventures of Goku and the other Z Fighters on a regular basis via its manga!

Throughout the years, Akira Toriyama has used the covers for Dragon Ball's manga to depict his characters into some situations that they would otherwise never find themselves in, specifically with Goku riding on motorbikes, which he has yet to do in the main series proper. This isn't to say that Goku has no idea how to ride a vehicle despite his reliance on his ability to fly, as one hilarious episode of Dragon Ball Z saw both Goku and Piccolo attempting to gain their drivers' licenses in the time period between the finale of the Freeza Saga and the beginning of the Android Arc! Needless to say, this installment remains a fan favorite even though it didn't take place in the manga!

Reddit User ShawnWavy93 shared their inspirational motorbike that uses the color scheme of Dragon Ball's strongest Saiyan, paying homage to who is easily one of the most recognizable Shonen protagonists to ever emerge from the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump:

My Goku jumpsuit inspired R1 "Kid Goku" from r/dbz

In Dragon Ball Super's manga, 2020 saw the conclusion of the long-running Moro Arc that saw Goku finally manage to master the power of Ultra Instinct, while Vegeta decided to take a very different approach by training on the Planet Yardrat and learn the powerful technique known as Forced Spirit Fission! With the manga starting 2021 off with the Granolah The Survivor Arc, expect some big surprises and battles for the Z Fighters as fans wait to see if their exploits will once again return to the world of anime!

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