Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Travels To The Past With Videl

The wife of Gohan and mother of his child, Videl, has gone through a number of aesthetic changes [...]

The wife of Gohan and mother of his child, Videl, has gone through a number of aesthetic changes throughout the Dragon Ball series, and while she has taken a back seat from the world of fighting in Dragon Ball Super to raise Pan, that hasn't stopped one Cosplayer from revisiting her early days. First appearing right before the Majin Buu Saga began, Videl was attempting to discover the secret that Gohan harbored as the son of Goku, and eventually found herself dragged into the world of the Z Fighters while mastering some of the abilities that they take for granted.

Entering the world of the Saiyans definitely had its drawbacks, as Videl found herself on the receiving end of a brutal beating by one of Babidi's henchmen, attempting to find enough energy to bring the pink demon known as Majin Buu back to life, though that didn't stop her from fighting crime alongside her future husband. Slapping on the ridiculous superhero outfit of the Great Saiyaman 2 and patrolling the streets, she would eventually hang up her gloves and leave the world of fighting behind. Though she has given up brawling, we've seen the same from many other characters in the Dragon Ball sphere and definitely wouldn't be surprised to see her return in a bigger role down the line.

Instagram Cosplayer Lovely Leaundra shared this impressive Cosplay that takes us back to the Dragon Ball Z era with the first version of Videl that we had seen in the Shonen series, who would eventually find herself a part of the Son family by marrying Gohan:

Videl was an interesting character in the Dragon Ball lore, not just thanks to her relationship with Gohan, but for also being a skilled fighter while also holding the title of the daughter of Mr. Satan. Clearly managing to outshine her father when it comes to raw fighting ability, the daughter of Hercule has definitely found her place in the franchise. With the Moro Arc in the manga taking the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the likes of Yamcha, Chaotzu, and other human fighters, we could see the same eventually being done for Videl.

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