Edens Zero Reveals New Cast Additions and Character Designs

Edens Zero has revealed new cast additions and character designs for the upcoming anime! Fairy [...]

Edens Zero has revealed new cast additions and character designs for the upcoming anime! Fairy Tail was one of the biggest anime and manga franchises out there at the peak of its run, and soon Hiro Mashima's newest series will be put to that same test. Edens Zero is currently on a strong string of weekly chapter releases, but there's a good chance the series will launch into whole new levels of popularity with the upcoming release of its anime adaptation in Japan this Spring. It also will be coming to Netflix later this year!

To celebrate its upcoming debut in Japan this April, and its release outside of Japan through Netflix later this year, Edens Zero recently revealed a huge chunk of new information for the upcoming series. This includes three new additions to the cast for the voices of Elsie Crimson, Ziggy, and Mother. This includes a close look at the character designs for two of these new additions and you can check them out below:

It's been confirmed that Sayaka Ohara will be voicing Elsie Crimson, Houchu Ohtsuka will be the voice behind Ziggy, and Kikuko Inoue will provide the voice behind the celestial being, Mother. They join the previously confirmed cast of Takuma Terashima as Shiki Granbell, Mikako Komatsu as Rebecca Bluegarden, Rie Kugimiya as a new version of Happy, Shiki Aoki as Homura Kogetsu, Hiromichi Tezuka as Weisz Steiner, Shiori Izawa as E.M. Pino.

Edens Zero is officially described by Netflix as such, "It is the year X492, an age in which people freely travel through the universe. Rebecca, a video-creating B-Cuber, visits the robotic world of Granbell and meets a young man with special powers: Shiki, who's lived his entire life among machines. Soon Shiki is exploring the cosmos with Rebecca, encountering new places, people and things, and making friends along the way."

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