Evangelion/Godzilla Figure Fuses Kaiju And Mech

Godzilla has held his title as the king of the monsters for quite some time, with the lizard king recently defeating Kong in the Legendary Pictures film, Godzilla Vs. Kong. With a sequel already in the works that will re-unite the two kaiju, another crossover is set to arrive in 2023 with the lizard king fusing with Eva Unit-01, creating a terrifying new being that fans will have opportunity to add to their figure collection in May of next year.      

The creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion recently brought the series to an end once again via the Rebuild of Evangelion films, the quartet of movies that re-imagined just how the pilots of NERV protected the world from the angelic threat that was constantly sending extraterrestrial beings at the Earth. With Hideaki Anno's work on Shin Godzilla, the director has created a new universe that gives a more realistic take on the giant monster universe, with Shin Ultraman hitting theaters in Japan and Shin Kamen Rider looking to do the same next year. While Anno hasn't confirmed what film, if any, will be released following the upcoming Kamen Rider, many are left wondering if a crossover between all of these properties might arrive, especially with merchandise like the figure below hitting stands in 2023.

Neon Godzilla Evangelion

Kaiju News Outlet took the opportunity to share the new figure that fuses Godzilla with Eva Unit-01, creating a terrifying combination of the most popular kaiju in the world with one of the most recognizable anime mechs this side of Mobile Suit Gundam:

On the NERV front, there has been no word on whether or not the Eva pilots will be getting a new television series and/or movie from creator Hideaki Anno, though next year will see the arrival of a new Godzilla film in Japan. At present, it's been confirmed that Anno won't be the director of this upcoming movie focusing on the king of the monsters, which has fans wondering if Shin will be making a return or if this will be an entirely new take on Godzilla. 

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