Fairy Tail Cliffhanger Introduces Erza's First Child

Fairy Tail is going on strong right now, and creator Hiro Mashima is doing whatever he wants in its action-packed sequel. While work on its anime continues behind the scenes, the team is working on Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest as usual for print. This month, all eyes were on the series as it put fans on edge about Erza's family, and Fairy Tail took everyone by surprise by introducing the woman's first child out of nowhere.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for Fairy Tail! Read with caution.

If you did not know, the latest issue of Fairy Tail is making the rounds on social media, and reports are breaking down one of the series' biggest cliffhangers to date. After all, the update ends with a look at Erza and her lover as they welcome their first child. The little family looks incredibly cute in this joyous moment, but of course, there are some catches here courtesy of Mashima.

According to fan-translations, the child we're introduced to is born to Edo Erza and Edo Jellal rather than their mainline counterparts. This means the couple we first met in Fairy Tail did not welcome the bundle of joy. Instead, we see the Edo Jerza couple together which explains why Erza gave birth in a huge castle. Edo Jellal is King of Edolas, after all. He would only want the best for his family.

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And as for the child itself, well – that is where things get complicated. According to the manga, Edo Erza's child is someone we already know. The baby is actually the reincarnation of the main world's Irene. The powerful mage gave her life in Fairy Tail just recently, but Irene's soul did not rest in death. Instead, it was sent to the Edolas universe thanks to some fated magic, and it was there Irene was reborn as Erza's child.

So yes, you're thinking the right thing. Irene was just reincarnated as her daughter's child somewhere in the multiverse. And if that doesn't perfectly sum up Fairy Tail's wild story, what does?

What do you make of this latest Fairy Tail twist? Are you ready to see this sequel make its way to the small screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.