Fairy Tail Creator Teases Fans with Cute Erza x Jellal Art

The man behind Fairy Tail is very in sync with his fans, and that is why Hiro Mashima was able to [...]

The man behind Fairy Tail is very in sync with his fans, and that is why Hiro Mashima was able to tease them with an Erza x Jellal surprise earlier today. The ordeal began when the artist logged into Twitter to gift fans a special treat in light of the ongoing pandemic. But instead of inking a PSA this time around, Mashima decided to get edgy with a subtly suggestive drawing of Jerza.

As you can see below, the artwork which Mashima inked finds the two mages standing side by side. Jellal is on the left while Erza edges closer to him on the righthand side. The pair are simply brushing their teeth in front of a mirror while the heroine holds a mug in her hand. And most of the time, a drawing like this would have gone unnoticed... but their nudity made this art a hot topic.

You cannot see any of the nudity firsthand, but the mirror shot proves the two are partially unclothed. Jellal is not wearing a shirt which isn't that unusual, but it appears the same goes for Erza. The only thing covering her chest is some tendrils of hair, so that would explain why Jellal is averting his gaze from their reflection.

For fans, this drawing has all sorts of implications about Erza and Jellal that they want to explore. If the pair are this comfortable around one another, Fairy Tail fans are thinking the two might be in a relationship here, but there could be a bigger story behind this artwork. Mashima is the only one who knows what is in stores for the pair, and readers would love it if the artist sped up this romance. Erza and Jellal have been tip-toeing around one another way longer than Natsu and Lucy, so a little confirmation would go a long way with the fandom.

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