Fairy Tail Cosplay Takes Lucy to the Beach with Fan-Favorite Bikini Look

Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima has never been shy about including fan service scenes or [...]

Fairy Tail series creator Hiro Mashima has never been shy about including fan service scenes or character designs into any of his franchises (and that continues through his direct shares to fans on Twitter too), and it's why so many fans love each of his releases. This unabashed love for revealing character designs for both the male and female characters heightens the tone of his works as a whole, and this was most widely recognized with the launch of Fairy Tail with the introduction of a new heroine who often changed her outfits to fit the occasion.

Lucy Heartfilia is one of the most stylish characters in the entire series, and she's also the one Mahsima put in bikinis the most. She often takes on entire battle arcs in bikini looks, but one that has been huge online with fans is a certain pink and white look that appeared during the Tenrou Island arc as Lucy was working with Cana in an attempt to become an S-Class.

It's a look that's been a huge hit with fans of the Fairy Tail franchise, and now it's come to life thanks to artist @fegalvao_ (who you can find on Instagram here). Tapping into the look that many fans were drawn to with that entire arc, it's clear that Lucy is one of the characters that will always come to life in a fun way with cosplay due to the many options!

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The Tenrou Island arc of the series was a pretty pivotal one as it set the stage for many of the later conflicts of the Fairy Tail franchise. It was here that fans were introduced to Zeref and his terrible curse powers for the first time, and Zeref ultimately served as one of the final villains. It might have seemed long in the making with the series setting this up all the way back before Episode 100 of the anime, but it's a story that paid off well! Especially for Lucy because even though it didn't work out for her here, she eventually gets to accomplish her dream of having a best selling novel!

What did you think of Lucy's role in Fairy Tail overall? Do you think she and Natsu were a thing? What's your favorite Lucy look in the entire series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!