Fairy Tail Creator Shares New Lucy Sketch with Fans

Fairy Tail's creator has shared a new sketch of Lucy Heartfilia with fans! Although much of the [...]

Fairy Tail's creator has shared a new sketch of Lucy Heartfilia with fans! Although much of the attention for this new year has been pointed toward Mashima's newest series Edens Zero as it prepares to debut its anime adaptation later this Spring, many fans are still enjoying looking back on Hiro Mashima's previous works. This includes creator Mashima himself as he often revisits his previous series through new sketches and art shared with fans on Twitter. This is including sketches of his characters that fans wanted to see in action once more such as his most recent.

As another way to celebrate 2021 being the year of the Ox much like previous sketches of Edens Zero's characters to usher in the new year, Hiro Mashima shared an appropriate look at Lucy as she's in her popular Star Dress: Taurus Form for the occasion. Given that Mashima's still sharing new looks at Lucy after all this time, it's definitely a way to keep the fire for Fairy Tail alive even with Edens Zero taking up much of the attention this coming year. Check it out below:

Speaking of Edens Zero, the anime adaptation remains one of the most anticipated premieres coming this year. Making its debut in Japan on April 10th, Edens Zero's anime will be produced by J.C. Staff and directed by Shinji Ishihara, who previously directed for Fairy Tail's anime adaptation as well. Mitsutaka Hirota will be writing the scripts for the series, and Yurika Sako will design the characters.

The main trio of the anime has been set as well with Takuma Terashima will be the voice behind Shiki Granbell, Mikako Komatsu will be performing as Rebecca Bluegarden, and Rie Kugimiya will be returning from Fairy Tail to provide the voice of Happy once more. With the teaser trailer for the series confirming the April release date, it won't be long before more members of the cast are confirmed.

What do you think of this newest look at Lucy? Where does she rank among your favorite characters in Fairy Tail overall? Curious to see what ties Edens Zero has to Fairy Tail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!