Fairy Tail Creator Imagines Adorable Jellal x Erza Date in New Sketches

One of the major reasons fans loved Fairy Tail during its original manga and anime runs was how [...]

One of the major reasons fans loved Fairy Tail during its original manga and anime runs was how series creator Hiro Mashima brought together many fan favorite pairings through the course of the series, and now Jerza fans have gotten a special treat as the creator has imagined an adorable looking date for Jellal Fernandes and Erza Scarlet. Unfortunately for many of the fans who liked seeing these pairings in particular, Mashima never confirmed a few one of the more notable ones on page or on screen for the anime adaptation. So fans have mostly been left to supplemental materials.

But these supplemental materials are still definitely being enjoyed by fans since much of the love for the Erza and Jellal coupling is from series creator Mashima himself. This is definitely true for his latest string of sketches shared with fans on Twitter that imagine an adorable road trip date for Jellal and Erza that could never work in the main series. The first of what turns out to be three sketches sees Erza glancing over at Jellal while they drive to what turns out to be the location for their date:

The second sketch Mashima released shortly after sees the two of then dining and laughing at a fancy restaurant overlooking some great scenery.

Finally, Mashima throws a little more of his humor into things by having the rest of the date not go as planned as it's clear that Jellal's car breaks down some time after they leave the restaurant.

There was a bit of a letdown when Fairy Tail only confirmed one of the major relationships teased throughout the series when it ended, but as it continues with a sequel series it seems there is still time to confirm more of the other relationships built over the course of the franchise should the sequel decide to.

What did you think of this date between Erza and Jellal? How did you feel not seeing their relationship confirmed in the original run of Fairy Tail? How did you feel about the way Hiro Mashima handled the couples in the series overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!