Fire Force Season 2 Releases New Key Visual

With Fire Force recently debuting a new trailer for the second season along with a release window [...]

With Fire Force recently debuting a new trailer for the second season along with a release window of July of this summer, the series featuring fire fighters battling against demonic creatures known as the Infernals has also released a key visual that shows us both returning characters and new ones, both good and bad! The anime series was one of the biggest hits of 2019 among some big movers and shakers within the medium and it's clear that a number of fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to once again follow the journey of Shinra and company!

The first season followed the young fire fighter named Shinra, a boy with the visage of a demon who attempts to use his unique ability to blast fire out of his feet to take down demonic presences that spread flame across the city. Not only did Company 8 pit their supernatural fire fighting abilities against monsters that were sprung from the souls of regular civilians, they also had to come into contact, and sometimes fight, against rival fire fighting companies that were looking to make names for themselves in the world. With Shinra's tragic back story still being explored, we're crossing our fingers that the next season will give fans some new revelations when it comes to the story of these fire fighters!

Twitter User Spytrue shared this amazing key visual that once again brings back to life Company 8 within the anime franchise of Fire Force, also giving us a smorgasbord of other characters that we'll have to wait to see if they have good will toward Shinra and his friends or are looking to destroy them:

An English Dub for the second season of Fire Force has yet to be confirmed, but we imagine that the same folks behind the first season will be making a comeback to bring to life Shinra and the rest of the fire fighters in this energetic romp. With the series looking to focus on the team taking on the "Evangelist" and stop their plan from creating another "Great Cataclysm", our fingers our crossed that David Productions hits the same heights of the first season with these upcoming episodes!

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