Food Wars Season 5 Finally Reveals Erina's Mom

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma is currently powering through the fifth and final season of the anime, and the newest episode has finally introduced Erina's mother to the series officially. As we have come to find through the rest of the series thus far, the Nakiri family continues to be one of the most influential forces in the entire Food Wars world. It was the same for Erina's father, Azami Nakiri, who served as the foe of the Central arc, and now Erina's mother will serve as the final foe of the series overall.

The final arc of the series has seen Soma, Erina, and a few other fan favorite chefs taking on the chefs of the underworld in a new tournament. The victor of this tournament would then become the personal chef to the Bookmaster of the WGO, one of the most powerful figures in the entire food industry. This Bookmaster had been keeping their identity hidden until the newest episode...that revealed the Bookmaster is actually Erina's mother, Mana Nakiri.

As the BLUE continued, it was obviously weighed against Erina as many chefs competed with her in quick succession in an effort to get her out of the tournament. It was revealed in Episode 9 of the Fifth Plate that this was a conscious effort from Mana to eliminate Erina from the tournament because she has "no need" for her daughter's God Tongue abilities. It turns out that Mana has her own God Tongue that's far more sensitive that Erina's ever was.

Food Wars Erina Mom Mana Nakiri Season 5 Anime
(Photo: Sentai Filmworks)

It's so sensitive in fact that she can't even eat food on the chance that it won't be up to the standards of her God Tongue, and thus she has to "eat" through IVs and just live off of her basic nutrients. She and her daughter have developed an antagonistic relationship over the years as now Erina wants to prove that she has grown beyond her mother's abuse. The stage for the final battle of the series has been set with this as now Erina aims to make a dish that will be fitting for her mother's palate, and thus earn some much needed respect from her mother.


It's very much the same situation as with her father, and now Erina is more fired up than ever. But what did you think seeing Erina's mom for the first time? Surprised to see her cemented as the final foe of the series? How do you think the battle with Asahi will end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!