'Fullmetal Alchemist' Reveals Shou Tucker's Wife

There are plenty of villains in the world of anime, but few are as universally despised as Shou Tucker. The baddie made his debut in Fullmetal Alchemist, and fans are still upset over how Shou treated his precious daughter Nina. And, now, those same fans can hate the man over his wife. After all, a brand-new chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist did just reveal the poor woman to fans.

Earlier this month, Fullmetal Alchemist’s anticipated live-action film finally debuted in Japan. The adaptation was met with plenty of interest, and the series’ creator marked the occasion by releasing a special manga chapter after nearly a decade.

fma nina mom
(Photo: Square Enix )

Hiromu Arakawa penned a prequel gaiden to Fullmetal Alchemist, and it introduced Shou’s full family to readers. Nina and his dog Alexander were already known to fans, but Shou’s wife was a new addition. As you can see above, the warm woman was drawn by Arakawa for the first time in this prequel.

The unassuming wife looks just as peaceful as you’d expect. The unnamed woman has long hair, wide eyes, and a slender build. She is seen welcoming Shou home after the man learns his application to become a State Alchemist was rejected. When she tells Shou she’ll keep on cheering for him, the man appears to have a dark epiphany about his family. Fans watch as Shou realizes he can use his small family as human guinea pigs for his alchemy projects, and the man’s wife is left helpless to Shou and his diabolical whims.


Fans already know what happens to Shou’s wife as Fullmetal Alchemist laid it out. When the series begins, the woman is missing from Shou’s life as the man says his wife left him. Nina and Alexander are all Shou has left, but fans learn there is something more sinister to the story. As it turns out, Shou forced his wife to become an experiment by turning her into a chimera. The project succeeded, but the chimera committed suicide shortly after by starving itself. Shou goes on to do the same thing to Nina and his dog by fusing them, and fans were left horrified by the gruesome results.

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