Godzilla Celebrates Summer with These New Hawaiian Shirts

Godzilla is one of the biggest monsters in the world, and his reputation proceeds himself. The [...]

Godzilla is one of the biggest monsters in the world, and his reputation proceeds himself. The huge beast made a solid comeback this year when Godzilla vs Kong awoke the global box office following a massive slump. And now, Godzilla is immortalizing his fame in a new shirt done by the guys at Reyn Spooner.

The limited-edition shirt went live recently in the Spooner Kloth style. The button-front Hawaiian shirt gives Godzilla the kind of love he deserves, and Mothra can be found checking on his friend from above. "We're excited to debut this limited-edition design collaboration paying homage to Godzilla, an icon of pop culture," the company shared in a recent statement.

godzilla shirt
(Photo: Reyn Spooner)

"For this print, we took inspiration from the early movies that were set in Japan: Godzilla (1954), Godzilla Raids Again (1955), and Mothra vs Godzilla (1964). Scenes from these movies have been re-created by our artists in amazingly detailed paintings. Inspiration for the Godzilla print started with a trip back in time to 1954. The design team dove into old photos from the Godzilla movies and comic books to create a mood board that would set the stage for the Reyn Spooner meets Godzilla print."

Continuing, the clothier said artists began to mock designs for the line's fabric, and the drafts were turned into digital prints before long. "After gathering inspiration our design team then started sketching out the print. Several iterations later the pencil sketches are turned into digital artwork," Reyn Spooner shared.

For those wanting this top, the Khaki print is still available in the button-front style, but only a select few sizes are in stock. The size choices expand for the pullover design, and as expected, the tailored shirts sold out pretty much instantly. But if you want to nab a Godzilla shirt still, you can do so starting at $120 USD.

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