Godzilla Vs. Kong Concept Art Honors the Fandom's Favorite Monster

Godzilla Vs. Kong introduced fans to many new takes on some classic kaiju, including the likes of [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong introduced fans to many new takes on some classic kaiju, including the likes of the mechanical doppelganger known as Mechagodzilla, but kaiju fanatics have been gravitating toward a very unexpected giant beast that got far less screen time than either the lizard king or the ruler of Skull Island. Hilariously dubbed "Doug," the fans of Godzilla and Kong have fallen in love with a giant iguana-like creature that was briefly introduced during Kong's time exploring the Hollow Earth, and new concept art shows us what the beloved lizard looked like originally.

The Hollow Earth theory was established early on in the history of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, with the idea being that all the monsters that were stomping their way through the world like Godzilla and Kong first originated in a land that flourished beneath the cities of mankind. With Kong exploring the rough terrain, the large primate discovers that not only did his ancestors live beneath the Earth, but they also battled against the giant lizards that most likely helped spawn the current king of the monsters. Picking up a crude ax fashioned from the scales of a giant lizard, the ruler of Skull Island ultimately found a home in the Hollow Earth and is most likely still living side by side with Doug.

Legendary Pictures shared the original concept art for Doug within the Hollow Earth via their Official Twitter Account, with a far more terrifying look in his first appearance, as his brief appearance in Godzilla Vs. Kong made him look more like an adorable iguana that minded its own business:

Godzilla Vs. Kong landed earlier this year streaming on HBO Max and in theaters, becoming one of the biggest blockbusters of the year and easily earning its place as the most popular entry of the MonsterVerse to date. While the future of the Legendary Pictures' universe is anyone's guess at this point, rumors are beginning to swirl that the director of the latest crossover, Adam Wingard, will return to helm a new title.

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