Mondo Shares First Look At Biggest Godzilla Figure

Mondo is a company that produces some of the most stylish posters, figures, and merchandise for [...]

Mondo is a company that produces some of the most stylish posters, figures, and merchandise for some of the biggest pop culture properties around, with the organization unveiling its biggest Godzilla figure to date in a recent Tweet that lets fans know when they can pre-order the king of the monsters. Standing at eighteen inches, this version of the lizard king doesn't take on the appearance of the recent Legendary Pictures version but rather takes us to the past year of 1989 from the Toho Studios film that pit the giant monster against the terrifying creature known as Biollante.

In the Japanese film, the creature known as Biollante was formed by combining Godzilla's cells with those of plants, forming a kaiju that was unlike anything else that audiences had ever seen before. Of course, Godzilla ultimately won their knock-down, drag-out battle, but Biollante definitely left an impression as one of the creepiest looking kaiju that has ever appeared in Godzilla's history. Though Biollante has yet to appear in Legendary Pictures' Monster-Verse, and more than likely won't be tussling with either the lizard king or the ruler of Skull Island in Godzilla Vs. Kong in what might be the final film of the franchise.

Mondo's Official Twitter Account shared this new look at the biggest Godzilla figure that has ever been created by the company, letting fans know that they can pre-order the monstrous statue beginning on March 23rd that will be sure to be a worthy addition to any kaiju fan's collection:

The future for Godzilla is anyone's guess following the titanic tussle that will be landing at the end of this month, though it is almost guaranteed that the lizard king will return to the silver screen in both the West and the East. Luckily, 2021 is also looking to feature Godzilla via Netflix's upcoming animated series, Godzilla: Singular Point, so kaiju fans will have more material to consume.

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