Mondo Unveils Its Biggest Godzilla Statue Ever

Mondo has long been a company that celebrates the world of pop culture with posters, figures, and [...]

Mondo has long been a company that celebrates the world of pop culture with posters, figures, and other merchandise that has been created in the past that has helped propel the organization to new heights, and it seems as if the producers are creating their biggest Godzilla model to date to celebrate the current king of the monsters. The lizard king is slated to battle against the ruler of Skull Island at the end of this month, with Godzilla Vs. Kong set to land in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, there's no better time than now to return to the world of kaiju.

Godzilla has seen several makeovers throughout the giant monster's history, with movies in both the East and the West seeing the king of the monsters change with the times. With Legendary Pictures' recent take on the lizard king, the "Monster-Verse" gave the world brand new takes on not only Godzilla, but a cavalcade of "Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism" that includes the likes of King Ghidorah, Kong, Rodan, and Mothra. Not to be outdone, Japan had released a new take on the beast in Shin Godzilla, giving the lizard king what is considered by many to be his most terrifying appearance to date.

Mondo promoted the arrival of their biggest giant monster collectible to date, with this Godzilla figure set to land later this month on March 23rd and depicting the earlier design for the king of the monsters that was made popular thanks to the creative minds at Toho Studios:

This is far from the first product that Mondo created to honor the lizard king, with the site currently having a "Godzilla Collection" available for fans to purchase posters, puzzles, attire, and more related to the most popular kaiju in the world. With Godzilla Vs. Kong approaching, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Mondo create a new poster for the kaiju crossover as they have done in the past with both the Legendary Pictures' version and the various films of Toho Studios' past.

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