Mondo Unleashes First Look At Upcoming Godzilla Merch

Last year, Godzilla was able to claim the title of 'The King of the Monsters' and the next will [...]

Last year, Godzilla was able to claim the title of "The King of the Monsters" and the next will see him defending his crown against the ruler of Skull Island in Kong, and the merchandise company of Mondo is looking to make good on the titanice tussle by releasing some amazing kaiju merch such as statues, shirts, posters, and even a Tiki Mug! With Godzilla's "career" as one of the most popular giant monsters in the world continuing through the decades, it's clear that this won't be the last time that we see merchandise released for the lizard king but it is definitely some of the coolest merch we've seen!

Mondo made a name for itself by creating spectacular posters for movie and television projects, continuing to run limited releases for various properties through the years. As they opened up their line of merchandise, they have dived into recreating popular characters through figures, mugs, posters, shirts, and much more. While Mondo has yet to give us details on the exact release dates of these new kaiju based projects in the works, as well as the retail prices, these definitely seem like must buys for enthusiasts of the Toho Studios creation that rampaged its way from Japan.

Mondo News shared the upcoming Godzilla products via their Official Twitter Account, also taking the opportunity to share their current kaiju collection that is available on their site that includes a number of pieces of merchandise that are tailor made for giant monster fans around the world:

With Godzilla Vs Kong set to make landfall next year, directed by horror director Adam Wingard and bringing back several characters from Legendary's "Monster-Verse", we definitely wouldn't be surprised if Mondo creates some merchandise to welcome what might be the biggest giant monster we've ever seen, if the latest entry in Godzilla: King of the Monsters is any indication!

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