Godzilla Unveils Slick New Mecha Godzilla Figure

Godzilla is looking to once again dive into the world of its cybernetic foe and strange [...]

Godzilla is looking to once again dive into the world of its cybernetic foe and strange counterpart by releasing a new sleek figure for MechaGodzilla. The mechanical doppelganger to the king of the kaiju first appeared in 1974, landing into theaters with the appropriately named Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla film. Throughout its history, the giant robot has had its origin, appearance, and abilities change depending on where it appeared, and while it hasn't shown up in the recent Western Godzilla films, 2020 might be a big year for this mechanical monstrosity as well!

While MechaGodzilla first appeared as an extraterrestrial threat, created by aliens to do battle with the lizard king itself, his origin was eventually tweaked when he returned as a bi-product of the world's military, attempting to create a giant monster of their own to fight Godzilla and the endless hordes of monsters attacking the world. This mechanical beast is often thought of as more powerful than Godzilla, thanks in part to its metal frame, along with the number of deadly weapons that are hidden within its body. With lasers, missiles, and guns hiding inside of it that would put Marvel's War Machine to shame, it's no wonder the robot has continued appearing in the Toho series.

Twitter User GodzillaMovies shared the new look at the 19 inch tale figure that will take on the appearance of MechaGodzilla's original introduction, and will retail for around $500 USD based on the size of this behemoth recreation of the kaiju killer:

Godzilla Vs Kong will be releasing later this year, as the Legendary Pictures' crossover battle has been rumored to have a guest appearance from none other than MechaGodzilla himself. This upcoming interpretation will most likely be a government bi-product, unless Adam Wingard and company truly dive into having extraterrestrials enter the fray! While there are little to no details about the appearance of this mechanical giant in the new Western Kaiju films, we'll be sure to fill you in as more details come down the bend with regards to the metal doppelgangers arrival.

What do you think of this brand new MechaGodzilla figure? Do you think he'll be showing up in Godzilla Vs Kong when it releases into theaters later this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Godzilla!