Asylum Announces Godzilla vs. Kong Contender, Ape vs. Monster

The Asylum has spent years creating pop culture films that attempt to "capitalize" on popular movies of a specific time, with previous entries such as Transmorphers, Sharknado, Geo-Disaster, and Alien Predator being just a handful of the countless movies that they've made in the past. Now, it seems as if the filmmakers of the company are setting their sights on the most popular giant monsters in the world right now with their upcoming Ape Vs Monster film, which happens to bear a striking resemblance to a certain Legendary Pictures' movie that has been shaking the box office this month.

Details about the film are few and far between at this point, but the first trailer for the kaiju crossover between the giant primate and "Monster" already has a promotional image, with a trailer set to land on May 3rd of this summer. On the flip side, Godzilla vs Kong is currently tearing up the box office charts around the world, having banked hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, as well as netting HBO Max a ton of new subscribers to the streaming service as a result of its arrival onto the platform. It's safe to say that The Asylum's upcoming film won't be within striking distance of the latest kaiju crossover.

Ape Vs Monster
(Photo: The Asylum Films)

The Asylum, for those who might not know, is an independent studio that was created in 1997 and is perhaps most well known for the popular Sharknado films which first debuted on the SyFy Channel. With Sharknado warranting six films focused on sharks being propelled through the sky thanks to tornadoes that sucked them out of the ocean depths, the movies resonated among fans looking for comedy mixed with their insane science fiction premises. The series came to an end with The Last Sharknado: It's About Time, but who knows what the future will bring.

Another entry into Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse has yet to be announced, though the success of Godzilla vs Kong has fans feeling good about the universe created by Warner Bros Pictures. While the movie featured Godzilla scoring a win against Kong, perhaps Ape will manage to defeat Monster in this upcoming Asylum picture.


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