Godzilla vs. Kong Success Prompts Debut of New MonsterVerse Poster

Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse has introduced brand new takes on the world of the most famous [...]

Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse has introduced brand new takes on the world of the most famous kaiju in the world, re-imagining the likes of Godzilla, Kong, King Ghidorah, and more and the franchise has created a new poster to celebrate this blockbuster universe. While Godzilla and Kong are clearly the biggest "show stoppers" of this new universe, it's clear that Legendary Pictures wasn't satisfied with only giant monsters and instead created a universe fit to bursting with kaiju that re-imagines more than a few classic characters from the world that was first started by Toho Studios.

The latest kaiju crossover has pulled away from the entries that came before, with the long-awaited MonsterVerse installment becoming the most successful of the four in China. Each installment of Legendary Pictures' take on the world of giant monsters has been setting the stage for this titanic tussle, with Kong being dragged from the "safety" of Skull Island to help humanity discover the secrets of the Hollow Earth. Director Adam Wingard has stated on record that Kong was given more of a "heroic role" for the film, painting him as the protagonist who was battling in a war for supremacy with the current king of the monsters.

Kaiju News Outlet shared the brand new poster for Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, highlighting most of the major names in the universe of Godzilla and Kong that have helped to make a successful new telling of the monsters that have become a staple thanks to Toho Studio:

A new entry into the world of the MonsterVerse has yet to be confirmed following the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, leaving many giant monster fans wondering if this crossover might be the last time we see these new interpretations of the lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island. Even if the next entry into Legendary Pictures' franchise might not be a direct sequel, there are plenty of other giant monsters from Toho's universe that have yet to make an appearance in the film series created in the West.

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