History's "Godzilla Shark" Has Finally Gotten A Real Name

These days, most people are talking about Godzilla thanks to its latest movie, but the monster has more going on than you may realize. After all, the kaiju has become an inspiration for all kinds of pop culture and history. Not long ago, the Internet became obsessed with a so-called "Godzilla Shark" that scientists discovered traces of from centuries ago. And now, the kaiju cousin has gotten an actual name suitable for any of Godzilla's friends.

The ancient shark, which was dubbed the "Godzilla Shark" thanks to its teeth and fins that looked like the scales of the killer kaiju, is over three hundred million years old and was discovered by John-Paul Hodnett. Hodnett noted that the teeth were “great for grasping and crushing prey rather than piercing prey,” making it nearly as destructive as the lizard king. The official name for the ancient shark is "Dracopristis Hoffmanorum", aka Hoffman's Dragon Shark, which is a nod to the land owned by the family where the fossils were discovered. Sharks themselves have been one of the oldest creatures of the sea, swimming since the age of the dinosaurs and perhaps even before.

Godzilla Shark
(Photo: NMMNHS)

There has yet to be a "shark kaiju" introduced into Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, though there have been plenty of giant sharks that have threatened mankind in various movies around the globe. With movies such as Jaws, The Meg, and other killer shark movies populating the world of film, it definitely wouldn't be surprising if the universe spawned from Toho Studios eventually gave us a new kind of kaiju.

Godzilla doesn't currently have a new movie in the works as far as we know, but fans can expect to see the lizard king return with Netflix's anime adaptation of Godzilla: Singular Point. In the new animated project, mankind is seeking to stop the rampage of the kaiju of the world with the help of the famous robot in Jet Jaguar, who is a staple of the Toho universe since Godzilla first appeared in the 1950s.


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Via AP News