Godzilla vs Kong Introduces Serizawa's Son

Godzilla vs Kong is making its way to fans at last, and the epic movie is satisfying fans on all [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is making its way to fans at last, and the epic movie is satisfying fans on all fronts. Its over-the-top action has made the film one of the most fun to go live in the past year. Of course, there are several serious reveals made in Godzilla vs Kong that will surprise fans of the MonsterVerse, and the special introduction of Ren Serizawa ranks up there.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers down below for Godzilla vs Kong? Proceed only if you don't mind spoilers:

(Photo: Warner Bros / Legendary)

For those who may have forgotten, Ishiro Serizawa was one of the main human characters in the MonsterVerse. The Monarch scientist, who was played by Ken Watanbe, debuted back in 2014 with Godzilla before meeting his end in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The doctor was one of Godzilla's most fervent supporters, and he ultimately gave his life in order to save the atomic beast after a dire battle with Ghidorah.

Of course, that is why fans were intrigued when Ren Serizawa showed up in Godzilla vs Kong. The man is one of the creators of Mechagodzilla at APEX, the laboratory that hopes to wipe out kaiju threats with its manmade titan. For the most part, Ren is a sidelined character who goes along with the flow, but his intentions are more villainous than anything. Ren's goal seems to fly in the face of his father's legacy. In the end, Ren seems to die after being totally overloaded with kaiju energy when Mechagodzilla rebels against being controlled, so it seems. Serizawa never saw his vision through. And to make things worse, Ren upended his family's legacy with Godzilla in the process.

The arrival of Ren is an interesting one, for sure. The character is totally new to the MonsterVerse on screen, but he has been referenced before in graphic novels. Hopefully, the franchise's extended canon will clue fans in on Ren's real goal here and whether he intended to become a villain all along.

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