Gundam Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Addresses Fan-Questions in New Video

The streaming service of Netflix is going all-in on the world of Mobile Suit: Gundam, not just by [...]

The streaming service of Netflix is going all-in on the world of Mobile Suit: Gundam, not just by adding the classic films to their roster along with the future release of Hathaway's Flash, but is also currently working on a live-action adaptation of the legendary anime franchise with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Having directed the likes of Kong: Skull Island and The Kings of Summer, the prolific filmmaker recently answered fan questions with regards to his career and his upcoming take on the world of Gundam with the first live-action adaptation of the story that we've seen in the West.

While this would be the first live-action feature-length film in the world of Gundam, this wouldn't be the first time that we've seen the mech suits make their way to the big screen. Ready Player One from Warner Bros Pictures took several different characters from pop culture and assembled them into a digital environment, with the classic Gundam suit battling against the likes of Mechagodzilla in the crossover movie. Ironically enough, considering Vogt-Roberts influence on the world of the MonsterVerse, he definitely seems like the perfect choice to once again tackle larger-than-life figures.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts shared a question and answer session wherein the director talked about his career so far along with the plans that he has in entering into the world of Mobile Suit: Gundam with this future film for the streaming service of Netflix:

Vogt-Roberts hasn't just been looking to affect the world of pop culture with takes on Gundam and kaiju but has also been working to create an adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, the classic Konami video game that followed the adventure of the super-spy, Solid Snake. With Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac set to lead the film as Snake, it's clear that Jordan has a busy schedule ahead of him when it comes to the movies on his plate.

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