Netflix Comments on Recent Gundam Blunder

Netflix shocked fans of the most popular mech anime franchise when it announced that the streaming service was working on a live-action feature-length film for Mobile Suit Gundam, with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on board for the major project, but it seems as if the platform made a blunder when it came to the popular anime. In promoting the new name for "NX on Netflix" as "Netflix Geeked", the streaming service listed a slew of the new projects that are in the works but made a major flub when it came to the anime franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

2021 is set to be a big year for Mobile Suit: Gundam, not just because of the live-action film announcement that is currently in the works by Netflix, but also as this year will see the arrival of two new animated films for the franchise. With the long-awaited Hathaway's Flash finally set to arrive in Japanese theaters later this summer, the film will revisit the original story that helped put the anime on the map back in the 1970s. On top of this movie, Reconguista In G will also be released with a roadshow later this year, which is written and directed by series creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and will close out this unique series of movies.

Netflix Geeked had mistakenly referred to "Gundam" as "Gundum" on its listing of the countless projects, both anime and otherwise, that the streaming service is working on, causing the platform to apologize for the misspelling while also making light of their mistake to fans of the anime franchise:

Netflix has been attempting to corner the market on anime projects and adaptations that bring some of these series into live-action takes, such as One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho. The upcoming Gundam series won't be the first live-action anime adaptation movie, as Netflix had taken a swing at creating a North American version of the world of Death Note, which will be receiving a sequel in the future. Needless to say, the streaming service is definitely attempting to make itself the premiere spot for anime-related movies and television series.


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