Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Releases First Poster and Trailer

The world of Mobile Suit Gundam continues to expand by revisiting stories from its past such as the upcoming anime movie that is set to arrive later this year, while also diving into new territory as is the case with this October's The Witch From Mercury. With the series revealing its first poster and trailer that will see the franchise receive its first-ever female protagonist, it seems that the Mobile Suit franchise is planning a number of events to hype up the anime's arrival this fall to boot.   

The current story of The Witch From Mercury is still under wraps, though it is slated to arrive later this fall in October, airing regularly in Japan on Sunday nights. However, for fans hoping to learn more about the upcoming series, the Gundam franchise has announced that this summer will see the arrival of a "Prologue" anime special which will most likely give fans some major hints as to where the first Gundam anime since Iron-Blooded Orphans will be headed. The Chief Gundam Officer at Bandai Namco, Koji Fujiwara, had this to say about the upcoming series and the future of the franchise:

"We are aiming to create a work that even young generations will support. We are making bigger developments than ever before."

The Official Twitter Account for Gundam: The Witch From Mercury unveiled the brief new trailer giving us our first look at the first female protagonist of the franchise and her Gundam, along with a new poster for the series that still has yet to reveal many details about its story or characters:

The upcoming Prologue special will first air at the Gundam Factory Yokohama, which has become the premier location for the franchise and its upcoming announcements thanks in part to the pier also storing the Walking Gundam that takes steps under its own power on a daily basis. With Gundam continuing to pump out new series and movies since first arriving in the 1970s, it seems that the anime mech franchise isn't slowing down any time soon.

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Via Gundam.Info