Gundam's Next Movie Releases First Poster

There have been plenty of movies within the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, but the next entry that is set to arrive this summer is going to be one of the most unique, recreating a "lost episode" in the original series that introduced fans to the mech franchise in the 1970s. With 2022 also set to see a new anime series arrive, the next Gundam movie has given us a new look at the lost adventure that is getting a serious makeover after being mysteriously plucked from the airwaves. 

There has been a lot of backstory when it comes to Gundam's "lost episode", the fifteenth episode of the original series which saw Amuro investigating an island of children that had been gathered thanks to a pilot of Zeon. Cucuruz Doan was a former mech pilot who had killed the parents of the children he now safeguarded, seeking to give them a life of peace and make up for his past sins. With the episode being pulled by the creator for mysterious reasons, many theorized that it was due to the animation quality of the episode itself.

Gundam.Info revealed the two new posters for the upcoming film which is set to arrive this summer, set to arrive a few months before a new Gundam anime series in Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury:

(Photo: Bandai Namco Filmworks)
(Photo: Bandai Namco Filmworks)

The official description of Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island reads as such:

"The Earth Federation Forces, which have endured the defense battle in Jaburo, launched a great rebellion operation to capture Odessa, the home of the Zeon Earth Advance Army, with the momentum. Amuro's White Base sails to Belfast to receive the final supply before the operation. Meanwhile, the mission in White Base is handed down. Uninhabited island, commonly known as "Island without returning" mission to wipe out the remaining enemies. Amuro and his friends set out to search for the left-behind, but what they saw there was a child and a Zaku who shouldn't be there. Amuro, who lost Gundam in the battle, meets a man who calls himself Kukurus Doan. Uncovering the secrets of the island, can Amuro find Gundam again and escape safely ...?"

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