Haikyuu Will End Its Manga Next Week

It seems like Haikyuu will really be coming to an end. Not long ago, an update was released by the official Twitter page for Haikyuu in Japan. It was there the team confirmed Haruichi Furudate's hit sports manga will wrap on July 20. The next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will house the farewell chapter, so fans can expect an emotional update focusing on Hinata and the entire Karasuno gang.

For those needing all the details, Haikyuu will close with Weekly Shonen Jump issue 33-34. The issue will contain more content than usual due to a previous delay, but it will make all the room for Haikyuu. The manga is expected to bow out with a 28-page chapter featuring a fully colored spread.

A new piece of artwork was posted in honor of the final chapter, and it shows Hinata in gear standing next to Kageyama. The pair have been through a lot together following their ill-timed introduction in middle school. After hitting the volleyball court together in high school, their passion for the sport has only grown. And if fans are lucky, they will get to see the pair play one final game the story wraps.

Fans have dreamed this final chapter for years now, but rumors swirled in earnest about them last week. Information surfaced on social media suggesting Haikyuu would be getting a long chapter with color spread at the end of July. This last-minute news may seem simple enough, but such an act closed out two other manga this year.

After all, The Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba had to deal with such news earlier in the year. Fans were dismayed when both manga informed fans they would be closing shop. Demon Slayer was especially surprising given how popular the manga has become in light of its anime. Now, Haikyuu will join the pair, and fans are going to shed a tear or twelve when they reach the manga's final page.


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