High School Of The Dead Writer Daisuke Sato Passes Away

Anime fans, the fandom is taking time to pay tribute to a beloved creator. The writer of High School of the Dead passed away earlier this week. Daisuke Sato died on March 22 from coronary heart disease at age 52.

Born in April 1964, Sato was known as a game board designer and writer of both manga and novels. In the literary world, his work on novels such as Seito and Red Sun garnered critical praise outside of his manga ventures. Sato wrote series such as Imperial Guards but found the most success with High School of the Dead.

High School of the Dead was created back in September 2006 under Monthly Dragon Age. The manga ran until May 2013 as it went on hiatus. The franchise will remain unfinished in light of Sato's tragic passing. The writer worked with artist Shoji Sato to produce High School of the Dead. Madhouse Studio also made an anime adaptation of the horror-harem title back in September 2010. The 12-episode series covered the first four volumes of High School of the Dead, and a standalone OVA was also released by the company.

As for its story, High School of the Dead is set in present-day Japan just as the world is blasted by a zombie pandemic. It follows a slew of high school students as they try to survive the deadly outbreak. While the show focuses on gory action sequences and overt fan-service, High School of the Dead also delves into what happens to society when the world is faced with a catastrophe. Each of the students are forced to assess their own crumbling morals as Japan succumbs to chaos, and betrayal becomes an unavoidable part of their new lives.

For Sato, the writer amassed many fans thanks to his work on High School of the Dead. As reported by Biglobe News, Sato was laid to rest by his family earlier in the week.

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(Photo: Madhouse )

Our thoughts and well-wishes are with Sato's loved ones at this time. May he rest in peace.